With its international focus and a unique collection of newspapers with well over 200,000 specimens the museum is one of a kind

The Museum boasts a collection of newspapers, including such rarities as first editions, special editions and final editions of German and international press from all five continents. In the 1990s, the museum narrowly escaped being closed down, and it was only thanks to the
dedicated efforts of its voluntary staff and its sponsorship association that it was saved from extinction. Things took a turn for the better in 2006, when the aid programme “Euregionale 2008” offered the possibility of redesigning the International Newspaper Museum as the station “Media” on the Route Charlemagne. The listed building was fully renovated and
extended. The exhibition itself was given a complete facelift. A news café, space for temporary exhibitions and an education room for workshops, lectures and events now round off the facilities provided in the museum.
When you enter the house through the doorway, there is a point of information on the museum and its activities. The ground floor is also the location of the news café and the space for temporary exhibitions with a barrier-free variant of the complete contents of the museum. In the courtyard, which will be used in the summer months as an open-air restaurant, countless traces of the Roman and medieval history of Aachen were unearthed during the renovation work, including an extremely well preserved medieval cellar.