Life and Everyday Life in Aachen – Photos from the 80s by Achim Ferrari

Life and Everyday Life in Aachen – Photos from the 80s by Achim Ferrari

An exhibition dedicated to Aachen will open at the International Newspaper Museum on the occasion of Art Route 2022. On display will be 50 pictures by Achim Ferrari, who has captured the colour of the 1980s in a unique way with his camera. Still marked by the traces of the destruction caused by the Second World War, one can see building activities everywhere that herald a new beginning. The exhibition also features photos of the Charlemagne Prize, Aachen carnival and Aachen sport. Often with a subtle ironic wink, celebrities, officials and people on the street are accompanied in their activities.
Achim Ferrari has a fine sense for situations and moments and in this way brings the past to life.



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